Add checkbox to easily deselect vendors from TVL

I agree with Chiron’s first post, with the exception that signed vendors on the TVL should instead be UNSELECTED by default with the option of selecting them for the TVL with the first D+ alert.

There are too many entries to sort through first time around, and the prospect of going through the list after every update is unworkable.

Malware aside, there are enough issues with signed vendors that I know (and sometimes willingly use) without giving them the opportunity to silently install any components without me monitoring them
The unmonitored result can be crippling memory bloat and slow internet speed, what with pre-loaders, update monitors, usage trackers, toolbars and resident assistants, etc.

Without pre-judging whether these are good or bad, it would be very good to be able to select and deselect vendors according to user experience and expectation a for that vendor.
If a vendor signed, yet unknown to me, I’d much rather have it de-selected with the option of adding it later.

That would mix nicely with the wish in Trust vendor in alert (part 2). It would allow users to add companies on the fly.