Add checkbox to easily deselect vendors from TVL

Currently the user only has a few options to get around using the TVL.

  1. They can switch to Paranoid mode, and disable all cloud capabilities.
    (this is not very user-friendly)

  2. They can manually edit the document and remove the vendors they don’t want to trust.
    (Not suitable for ordinary users and will only work if all cloud features are turned off)

I believe that there should be a box next to each vendor that can be either checked or unchecked. If it is checked then anything digitally signed by that vendor will be trusted. If it is not then it will not be. There should also be options to “unselect all vendors” or “select all vendors”.

By default all vendors should be selected, but this will allow choices for more advanced users. In addition, if a file that is digitally signed and in the TVL, but not checked by the user, the Defense+ popup for that file should give the option to enable that vendor.

This provides the user with control over which vendors are allowed and which are not. Also, it should be easy, and effective, to maintain and implement.

What do you think?

Please express your opinions in the poll.

+1 Choice is always good…

Definitely something on my wishlist

by defauld all vendors are trusted

but for for the advaced users , there should be an ontion to disable all,
and in the first D+ popup there will be an option to check for always trust this vendor (i think there is one alrealy in sanbox but im not sure)

Yes, there is if you have the sandbox enabled.

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I have voted for it.


There should also be options to "unselect all vendors" or "select all vendors"
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Will never happen !
Comodo has way too much interest in having “specific” :wink: vendors in that list.

I agree.

But why not allow, like in Windows, some keyboard shortcut to enable a multiple selection of lines to delete? It would be then faster, and allow other people then myself (my list is cleared deleting vendor.* files) to quickly keep only the ones they want.

Edit: i meant to agree with what was said before the immediately previous post written simultaneously, and not of course to being flooded by the same comment we have already read ten times in various places.

Sorry, but I can’t believe that unless you can back it up with proof.

Chiron, the proof is right there.

If you did know some of the ““vendors”” in that list, you should know that they serve nothing else than toolbars and other spyware.

Then please report them here (with proof they are actually malicious and not just vendors you don’t recognize) and they will be investigated.

Stop posting the same message throughout the forum.


Voted ‘yes’ long before. Now i agree with brucine. For example, ctrl+a to select all, ctrl+click to deselect those you want to keep, then delete unneeded junk entries.


(there are some SW providers that will NEVER EVER have 1 bit of space at my hdd’s; malware/adware or NOT = I should be able to, at least, do not trust them b/c I really don’t trust them due to their own irresponsabilities (financial questions; not providing what they claim… eg, my personal reasons!)

I use Comodo because it alerts me and asks me for every single thing.

I want to know exactly what is going on and I want the option to disallow it if I feel the need for that.

I do NOT want anything trusted without my personal approval.

I would like an easy way to disable the TVL, better management of the TVL and the option to Opt-out of updates to the TVL, only allowing program updates to show notifications.


create two TVLs,
one from comodo, which gets standard updates,
and user managed list, which can, beside manual add/remove, import TVs from comodo list, and submit certificate/signed application to comodo for analysis [like a trust wishlist]

both of them with a suspend option


A tick against each item in the full list would be enough. Plus an option to say if new additions from Comodo are to be ticked automatically or not.

I don´t like the TVL so I voted for it.