Add Boot-Time Scan Capability

Just thought I’d mention this again. I think it would be very useful if Comodo Antivirus had the ability to run a scan on boot. This would allow for the removal of some very difficult to remove malware.

This wish has already been made here:;msg336090#msg336090
but I thought I’d bring it up again.

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Good idea, but here are my concerns:

Notice all the wailers about CTM’s bugs? I bet the boot-time options caused some problems (it seems quite “low-level” to me). I just hope this won’t cause too much problems… :-\

As for CTM bugs that’s a very good point but people have been using avast’s boot time scan without issue. So it might not be a problem.

I think people have been using alternatives to CTM and having less bugs than with CTM. :stuck_out_tongue:

My vote is a no - heres why…
CIS is all about prevention. If CIS has failed and requires a reboot scan then it’s just like all the other security programs out there. Once you’ve been compromised, Without virtual environment (Like CTM!) IMO, You cannot trust that machine unless it’s reformatted.

i voted for not, but if it can be added in a way wich not slow down the boot in windows then i ageed.

cuz that i think the best way to do it is like the windows scandisk:
eq: i think it should ve an option in the antvirus to do a scan before windows is loaded like the scandisk.

By Boot-Time Scan I meant it as on-demand, not every time you start your computer. That’s the way that the component in Avast works.

Sorry for the confusion.

Maybe another idea could be to make a Boot scanner CD (just like avast and others) ??? I think that would make more sense as you can then take it around portable as a repair disk and it would do the same thing ;D

i was thinking the same thing but not for CD
cuz virus DB is updating all time, try to make an updated CD for for scan is not possible, so what it nees is to be a “bootable USB antivirus”
u can keep u usb databace updated always an more portable en easy to use than a CD
it can be easily updated only insing a botton in the antivirus interface


Make it available as an ISO, then I can add it to my MultiBootISO USB flash drive ;D.


[quote]CIS is all about prevention. If CIS has failed and requires a reboot scan then it’s just like all the other security programs out there
Will be good for some rootkits.

what about boot time scan for 64 bit systems ;D ???

I don’t think so. I use avast boot time scanning without problems with CTM.

Free ones? Which?

For sure prevention is better than cure. But the boot time allows scanning of rootkits and active infections.
By the way, even CTM can be bypassed by rootkits. Check the CTM forum… Unfortunately…

For sure it’s not for all boots, but run only on demand.

avast does not offer a CD. Also, the CD will have limitations with CTM. CTM drivers can’t load by the CD and you’ll mess the disk.

Norton offered this in the past. You can run a CD and point to a folder where the virus definitions can be updated (like an USB drive).

avast will add this feature in September/October.

I vote for it. Hope Comodo will listen to us.

I think they are paid, and I forgot them. :smiley:

For me, I would still prefer the feature because in the unlikely event of an infection, we still at least have one more safety net. :wink: