Add AV updater to the context menu of the systray icon

I want to ask for a feature that is missing in CIS software.

The “Update definition files” option in the “right-click” menu from systray.

The feature can be at the bottom of the options appeared when we right click the CIS icon on systray so we can update our definition files without the need of going to main window from CIS and selecting the Update option from there.

Sorry about my english.






+1 :-TU

I changed the title to be more informative.


oohh… nice to see that this feature is a good request :smiley:

waiting for it in 5.8 (is that possible?)

unfortunately 5.8 doesnt have this feature

No it dont, yet… lets see if they do it in 5.8 FINAL release? maybe…

Please, vote for it.