Add ability to lock & unlock rules

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Users have the ability to view, create and modify rules from various layers of protection. However, managing lots of rules can be quite a troublesome task in certain conditions-- mainly the condition where the user tampers with rules by accident.
Currently, users cannot lock any rules. Thus, unauthorized modifications are done literally at a key-press.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
Another action should be added-- the “Lock” action which prevents modifications of the respective rule(s). Of course, the opposite of this action will exist “Unlock” that allows the user to modify the rule(s).

3. Why you think it is desirable:
A new concept will be created where users could set priorities of rules. If this is implemented, rules are separated in complete and incomplete.
Combined with the (already existent) feature to move rules up and down categories of rules can be done without using “groups”. This might not sound well, however it is a matter of preference that some like groups and some do not-- the other category might enjoy a more pleasant experience in the process of rule(s) creation.
While rules are being edited kids press on various keys that might interfere in the process. This might also serve against broken keyboards, …
Additionally, this might be considered an additional layer of defense against various unwanted applications that might try to edit rules by tampering with the gui, for example.

4. Any other information:
These two suggested actions should (probably) be added to the right-click menu.
Rules that are locked should not be affected by “Purge” action.
As for aesthetics purposes, for example, there should be an icon in front of the rule(s) or/and the locked rule(s) should be highlighted with a certain color.
Optionally, if the use tries to edit a locked rule then a message will appear that alerts the user that it’s not possible or edit action will be grayed out.

An option in the program to lock and unlock the editing rules is it?
If so it is a good suggestion.

Doesn’t CIS already have settings protection by password?

Yes, but in case you forget your password you ging to uninstall the program. With the Lock option to enable or disable editing rules suffice only clear the enable and disable option. Already password if you forget, implies an uninstall program in case you forget.

sorry to intrude!

I think you can remove the password without uninstalling by going through the registry, at least the help file had a page about it.

How many users will be able to make changes to the registry, if forget the password?
Without the password you can not access the settings and the users would have difficulty in this change.

It’s quite easy to be honest, my point was that you don’t need to uninstall CIS if you forget your password, you can try it yourself if you want, I just did and it worked for me and it will most likely work for anyone who hasn’t made very specific rules to not allow programs to modify those specific registry keys.

Researched the documentation and clicked on one or two results and I did not find this documentation helps. kkkk
An option to lock and unlock, I still see as necessary. People do not want to take the trouble to edit the windows registry every time you forget your password (my opinion).

Another problem I see the possibility of editing the regedit program records without causing any problem or warning, does not allow exploitation by malware in the registry CIS ?

I don’t really understand what you are asking, if you’re asking if the registry edit way of getting rid of the password would be something that could be exploited by a malware, then no, remember that regedit is a program by Microsoft and signed by Microsoft, hence it’s in the trusted files list and because of that it will be allowed to do these changes. Also remember that you have auto-sandbox and HIPS, with auto-sandbox any unknown applications will be run in a sandbox and I would assume that all levels of the sandbox prohibits modifying Comodos registry entries, if you had HIPS enabled then any unknown application trying to edit Comodo registry keys, like the password keys, would cause an alert (or be outright blocked, depends on settings I think)

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