Add ability to automate the switch of different configurations

Thanks Chiron.

(it could also be used to control what time of the day your kids can play games online, not that this is security related)

You’re welcome.

I think this would be a wish specific to rules. What do you think?


I think it would be worth creating a separate wish for that. Automatically changing configurations and automatically changing the rules are two different things.


Yes it is and I would not mind seeing both possible. Auto changing rules only is much more flexible than to save a new configuration file every time you want just a slight change of rules, much more flexible, but at the same time I also see uses for changing the full configuration I would want to see both possible. I suppose one have to put another wish for that, or do Comodo implement a wish just as it is proposed, do they improve on it if they see that it can be improved or do we have to put a new wish for it? I mean, my question is, do Comodo implement a wish 100% as it is proposed or do they alter it if they should and if they can?

Maybe something along the line

  1. Highlight any rule
  2. Right click and edit the rule
  3. And inside that rule you can place time scheduling?

It would be nice if inactive rules had a different color in the list so that inactive rules are shown as (perhaps light grey). At the same time being able to set a priority number on all rules, when some rules activate they are moved up or down in the list according to the priority of the rest of the active rules.


  1. Edit any rule (whether app or global)
  2. Inside this, set time scheduling on the rule
  3. Select priority number

To give an example:

If there are 5 rules in the list, 3 are active and all 5 rules have priority numbers 0-4
Rule0 (Priority 0)
Rule1 (Priority 3)
Rule2 (Priority 1)
Rule3 (Also priority 3)
Rule4 (Priority 2)

If rule 0 and 2 are active and the rest is turned off by time scheduling, then rule 0 would be auto placed at the top of the list.

If rule 1, 2 and 4 is active and the rest inactive, Rule 2 would be auto placed at the top in the list, rule 4 at second and rule 1 at the bottom.

Forget the priority idea, it is prioritized anyway. But I like the idea of this.

Unfortunately not possible to edit previous post in this thread so I have to create a new post every time. I think I have placed too many wishes already, I would appreciate if somebody would place another wish for the idea of ‘individual rule control’.


It’s best to create an entirely new Wish Request post for this.

I’m sorry, but at this point the points from voting are such that even if the remaining people vote yes it is not possible for this Wish to meet the required 15 points. Thus, I must move this to Rejected. I hope you understand.