Add a "Restart GUI Feature" when language has been changed

When changing language in CIS 3.9 (currently in beta), you have to restart the GUI manually. It’s not that difficult but I’m one of those who delete all shortcuts created on the desktop & start menu by CIS.

Could you please add a prompt in CIS that appears when you change language, something like: “You have to restart COMODO Internet Security in order to make these settings effective. Would you like to restart COMODO Internet Security now?” - and then Yes, No or Cancel.

Thank you.




I would like to translate CIS to my local language too.
But I’m not in there.

I promise I’ll translate when I’m arrived my country.

Nice idea. Like it! =) Switching between English and Swedish can be a pain… xO This would ease that pain!

+1 :-TU :-TU

Thank you all for the acknowledgement, let’s hope for this little GUI feature to get implemented. :-TU

  • i like this idea Lets hope it gets added :-TU

So who is going to PM the devs? ;D

i think it should be you LaserWraith you have more influence ;D

Lol. A mod has more. ;D

I posted your idea in the usability forum (see this post). I use that topic to summarize ideas in one concise thread (so ideas won’t get buried like in the public posts). I am not sure how much additional exposure the ideas get there, but I hope the developers are keeping an eye on these ideas.

Note: the link is only available to members with special priviliges

Thanks a lot, that’s excellent! :-TU