add a "purge" to each rule

I hope D+ will add a “purge” in the…, like, in the “run a executable” in “access rights” of “explorer” . and so on in each rule each item.

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I think, this is pretty useless - Clicking through all items and purge every single list is not very userfriendly. Just count the items in your configuration and think about doing it for you.

But maybe the existing purge button could be extended in a way, so you can also clean up all lists in all rules by one click.

I know to purge every item is a hard work to do, but I often install or uninstall programs, so it will remain some non-existed item in the rule, so sometimes I real wanna PURGE, it will be easier than remove it one by one manually.
I hope COMODO team will find a way to work it out.

Please add some sort of mechanism to purge old unused rules. My registry is bloated beyond belief an I dread doing this manually. Ultimately there should be an option to store the rules in a file type database, (Preferably an editable one) and keep dynamic info like that OUT of the registry. Other than that, an option to verify rule entries by searching for the program executables and either have it search for matches, or let you point it to the new location if it hasn’t been deleted. I use a ton of portable programs and they get moved around a lot witch leaves erroneous entries in the registry that just clog up the works.

It should be like a database repair option under tools and utilities and be scheduled to run every so often or just manually. Thing wouldn’t get out of hand if it was checking rules in the middle of the night once a week

Anytime I search my registry for anything now, it takes longer to get through the rules than it does the rest of the registry. Please help!


How is it to know if a rule is no longer used?
There is already a purge to clean up applications no longer on your system (this will remove any associated rules also).

Note that Regseeker does the job, showing all comodo registry entries relative to invalid paths (and therefore uninstalled software).

The turnabout is of course that rules relevant to software on removable devices (usb sticks) are also shown.

RegSeeker only works on the 32 bit branch of the registry. Those of us with 64 bit OS’s are SOL. Furthermore, I’m not sure how compatible RegSeeker is with Vista or Windows 7.

I currently run XP x64 with CIS 3.14. Despite installing few new apps, my registry keeps growing at what I consider to be an alarming rate. Updating current apps and installing monthly Windows Updates causes the registry to grow by 2-3 MB. The vast majority of this growth is Comodo related. IMHO, this bloat is a big problem.

By validating the program executable like I stated in my post. As for programs on removable drives, an option to ignore entries, (Do not validate) in my proposed database cleanup tool could bypass these entries from being purged. Better yet, if Comodo would actually check the hash, (CRC/MD5/etc…) of relevant entries, it wouldn’t matter if the program got relocated. It could check and log this when a rule is made and only re-validate if it is run from a different location. That way it is not slowing things down needlessly.

I’m no programmer and don’t have all the answers but I know there are many ways it could be done to keep the database clean and efficient, I’m just asking for some thought to go into it instead of just letting things get bloated. I really like the product and am only making a suggestion to improve it.

For now I’m going to try out RegSeeker that brucine suggested. (Thanks!) It sounds like the most efficient way to clean things up for now and hopefully will get the job done. I will post my results.


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