Add a "never sandbox this file" option

Because I am still having fun with signed, found safe and trusted files being sandboxed, see here: I would very much welcome an option to manually override the behavior for “unrecognized files” so that they are not sandboxed. Adding them as a trusted file doesn’t work because CAV tells me the file already is safe.


if something gets automatically sandboxed it will tell you then you have to click [i]don’t isolate this again[i] (or something like that) then the file won’t get isolated in the future. (I voted no btw)


Theoretically yes, but as for whatever reason that doesn’t seem to have any effect on some special files a way to exclude files is needed. It’s either turn off the sandbox entirely or having the same files sandboxed again and again. See the thread I have linked to in the first post.

All this does is add the application to your Trusted Files list. In theory, this should work fine. However, in practice, now that CIS recognizes applications by file hash, any application that changes in any way during normal operation (perhaps a database increment, or countless other valid reasons) this application will be perennially unrecognized, therefore it will be sandboxed and sent to Comodo each time it is run. (assuming the user is using the cloud features)

Or for developers, each time a developing application is recompiled, it will be grabbed by the sandbox each time.

This is bad not only for users who may have limited bandwidth, but also for the poor person at Comodo that needs to look at countless nearly identical versions of the same .exe. Not to mention frustration from the user who doesn’t understand why this is happening.

This is the reason you see so many posts from people saying that the sandbox isn’t remembering their answers when they tell it not to isolate the file again.

Currently the only way I’m aware of to get around this odd limitation is to give such applications the Installer or Updater security policy, which is neither elegant, (or appropriate) nor intuitive. As it sits, unless Comodo can come up with some clever solution for these types of applications, a path based exclusion is sorely needed.

I made a wishlist post about this back in September.

Sandbox should accommodate constantly changing applications/files