add a minute tracker to the traffic monitoring module

just as the title says

Data Traffic is paid/billed via size/volume.
Why add a per minute?
It tracks correctly. Time not required.

because not everyone has unlimited talk. why your at it add a sms tracker

Data is separate from voice and sms.
Not even phoneUsage tracks data by minutes but rather volume.
Again, data is billed by volume, therefore tracked by volume.
Voice is not a data channel and is tracked by minutes.
Sms is also a separate channel and tracked by sms count (either in or out or both).

I’m not saying track data. I’m saying track voice and sms. currently cms only tracks data correct?

look at an app called Droidstats maybe that will help you understand what I’m suggesting

Actually I use PhoneUsage to track all that info in one neat package.

ok so you get what I’m saying now. so if cms is going to track data then why not minute usage and sms. none of this including data is required for security so if cms is going to track data it might as well track minutes and sms or none of it at all. the only way tracking all this info secures the user is by preventing users from creating huge monthly bills which I think would be nice to have in a security product but it would be nice to be able to remove this portion for those who pay a flat rate every month

Interesting argument. A Catch-22.