add a item "switch to installation mode" to the COMODO system tray icon

please add a item “switch to installation mode” to the COMODO system tray icon, then when right-key the tray icon, we can quickly select it to switch to the installation mode or disselect it to switch to previous mode, not need to open the COMODO main panel to do these thing.

+1, although I think it’s easy enough to enter installation mode by selecting “Treat application as an installer/updater” from a popup.

-1 The present CIS already gives ample options.

When defense+ alerts, you can select ‘install mode’ which will give the option of switching to installation mode, you can just select installation mode from summary screen itself before starting the installer.

We do not need to install new programs everyday, so -1 from me. And yes, we already have 8 items under right click menu, how much more to add.


Agree with both above posters that it is easy enough to enter installation mode. But, I would like to have the option mentioned, in order to easily leave installation mode. [The option would provide for both, as the OP said.]

True, the average user doesn’t usually install a new program every day. BUT, when rebuilding a system, installing myriads of new programs, as I have just done on two boxes, this feature would have been extremely welcome.

+1 to Just Another Joe 8)


+1 (again)

There really should be a way to toggle between installation and standard modes without having to open the main window.


Soon someone will ask for a shower with cold/hot water.

■■■■, I wanted that ! :slight_smile:

What about a smart installer mode instead ? When you launch a setup that it automaticly goes into that mode. More usefull hah :wink:


i’m second for this… plus remove “configuration” item from right click menu :slight_smile:

That would indeed be neat, but… how will you handle the occasional (and probably not so occasional) installer that doesn’t behave and, more importantly, how do you distinguish between a bona fide installer and a rogue that uses the same APIs and hooks? Not all legitimate softwares use Windows installer, after all.

+1 Agreed


+1 :-TU Needed feature.