Add a 'Boost' button to the scan progress screens.

Scan profiles.
I am presuming the default setting (Disabled) is set to normal priority, allowing for general computer use.
Currently you can adjust the priority (Processor time) for your scan profiles through advanced settings, scans, options.
Settings are ‘background, low, normal, high’.
Also from the scan progress screen you have the option to send the scan to the background, freeing up system resources if required for more intense system activities.

I would like to see a ‘Boost’ button added to the scan progress screen to set the processor priority to high utilising more processor time to speed up the scan.

This could be used whenever a scan is activated, but the system is not required for a short period.

Screenshot showing my idea of an additional ‘boost’ button.

Please vote, thanks from Captainsticks.

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Hmm sounds good, voted yes, but would be even better if instead of boost button will be a box from were you can chose the priority of scan, not only boosting but also decreasing the performance of scan(I know you can chose the priority from the comodo task manager, but would be even quicker this way). :-La


But it must also be easy to uncheck it from the scanning window.

Thanks guys.

Yes Chiron at least be able to reclick the ‘Boost’ button to return to normal priority and you would still have the ‘Send To Background’ button available.

I also like the idea from RealNature to have a drop down box to select your priority settings’ thanks :-TU
Note: I have unlocked the voting and added the above to the list.

You welcome! I’m glad you liked my suggestion :slight_smile:

It will be the number one hit one the list including my vote. :-TU

:-TU ;D