Adblocker from Comodo?

Do you want us to build Adblocking for major browser, IOS and Android?

I mean ad BLOCKING, period…(not like the ones who claim to have an adblocker but still allow ads because they get paid from those advertisers)…I mean pure and simple Ad Blocking, period! We could call it Adblock Minus…(minus the ads, rather than plus the ads)

I mean, on the desktop browser side we already have competent adblocking from for example uBlock, on the Android side however… There you pretty much need root or a browser with built in ad blocking or a browser with extension support… So if you can make an actually competent ad blocking solution for Android that doesn’t require root then I’m all for it, but in my personal opinion the desktop side is already covered.

with Android, no rooting is required…

This time I want to believe you Melih. I hope it will not like PrivDog and Adsanitizer on our windows browsers…
Because PrivDog and Adsanitizer do inject ads into ur browsers too :-TD They are just like “plus” one.

I love Adguard Android to block ads on all application and browsers while browsing… if Comodo will do something like this without AdTrustMedia, I promise I will be the first user and tester :-TU

No root required because, Adguard for example, uses VPN connecion to block all ads without root :-TU

Hi yigido,
As far as I know ABP still allowed ads from numerous ad networks when the acceptable ads option is enabled. Correct?
No comparison in regards to security if I am correct with the above.
AdSanitzer/PrivDog acceptable ads are provided through one source only.

They all have the option to block all ad networks.

Kind regards.

Good idea Melih. :-TU

Hey captain,

As we all know, Comodo’s adblockers are not good at adblocking. They missed a lot.
We requested to use common filters for blocking them. They even do not reply us.
On my end, ABP (if I disable plus ads) can block all ads. But , PrivDog and Adsanitizer (today’s privdog) cannot block all ads.

Sorry but these are truth. These adblockers are just bundled useless extension on Comodo browsers and waste of time & Comodo’s money.

I hope Comodo can make good Android adblocker with common filters :-TU

If you can do it, i’d be willing to test it out.
I currently use AdAway, but there is no longer any development of this app.

Ad blocking is a pretty saturated market currently. Comodo would have to bring something new to the market to attract new users from other products.

Developing such thing will require man-power processing. The reason why I’m saying that is because these ‘add-ons’ lack in maintenance of user feedback (false-positive, false-negative reports). Third-party filters are not enough.

Hi yigido,
I only use AdSanitizer at the moment and I don’t remember the last time I seen an ad, so if they are there they must be unobtrusive.

Kind regards.

Hi wasgij6,
There is one difference compared to a lot that is available.

Kind regards.

I do not know your native language but mine is Turkish. So many pages in here, I see ads.
Imho, adsanitizer uses commonly english filter, its ability is limited on non-english websites.

That maybe the difference, English is mine. :slight_smile:

Not required but inefficient by far. Why do you think Google will allow it? I’m skeptical. :slight_smile:

That is the point :wink: Comodo needs to think users like me, so current filters in Comodo’s hand are limited.
I hope they will do something about it, if this Android Adblocked, I am excited even now :slight_smile:

Adguard already has an android ad blocker. It filters your traffic through a vpn to block ads

This is what I meant. Comodo also can create such a software.
If we want “no root adbloker”, we have to use VPN. Comodo can do this and it will collect many possible customers to Comodo. :-TU
I love the idea Melih, recently this idea and CCAV are best movements from Comodo R&D. :-TU

Yes. I was using Adblock Edge for Firefox, but it was discontinued. Since then I have switched to uBlock Origin. It works very well but is underwhelming when it comes to options. Count me in if Comodo develops an Adblocker that works the way you just described it. 100% !

Are you suggesting a plug-in for a mobile browser only?
Many apps (games/utilities/etc) have ads displayed in them.
I use AdAware because it blocks those ads also.
If your ad blocker is to be designed for mobile browsers only, then it is completely useless to me.

Hi John,
I 100% agree.

Kind regards.

That would be interesting to see.
I will be happy to test it too.