Adblock Plus

it means those ads acceptable by google by other companies that pay for their ads :o

Adblock Plus has an “acceptable ads” filter that allows certain content by default, and the company makes no secret that it charges big companies for whitelisting services

Hi Melih,

Adblock Plus - Features
& respectively
Strict guidelines for acceptable ads


hmm…adblocker that allows ads because they get paid to show those ads?

yeah i know…irony !
Maybe you are more familiar with the statistic, but how many people use some kind of ads/scripts/tracking blocker in first place.
Has anyone ever tired to measure that ?
My personal opinion that its really small percentage under 1-2% max.

I don’t have the stats I am afraid :frowning:

We have over 1M actual active users that use Privdog (daily we see that many) and growing daily.

CD with privdog is now only browser in lot of croatian gov office ! :slight_smile:

nice one :slight_smile: thank you!

Good to hear that PrivDog is succeeding. :-TU

i am using adblock plus and it is really good.

Indeed, Adblock Plus has been doing a rather fine job over here as well, for many years now.

“Acceptable ads” being disabled, to be honest. :slight_smile:

Kind regards, REBOL.