Adblock Plus

Do you use the malware blocking, trace & social network blocking features? Will it make browser slow & how good they are?

firefox :
i use it since few days and it works well - automatic install without questions - after the install, on the setting page, just click “on” (malware etc.). That for icedragon.
internet explorer :
i install it for ie / and add privacy - disappointing - automatic install without questions.
i do not use chrome (trouble-shooting)

I use ABP with Malware domains, Fanboy’s Social Blocking List, EasyPrivacy and Fanboy Ultimate.
Using it on CD but i’m on pretty powerfull pc (i5 haswell, 16GB ram, SSD) and high speed connection and never had any problems with slowdowns.
ABP uses 2 premission: 1) Access data on all websites
2) Access to tabs and browsing activity
It needs both of that permissions in order to read websites you are loading to block content based from subscriptions you add

Well, to answer your first question, yes for chrome, no for firefox. For the second one, yes on both browsers, though it is pretty good. There are alternatives however which might cater more to your tastes.

As a preliminary exam, I tested the bootup times of the browsers. Then the cpu usage and responsiveness of the browsers. To test the bootup times, I recorded cold starts, and three more launches after cold start both for with and without add-ons. There was a significant delay (especially in firefox) if adblock was installed. However, with chrome it was relatively more responsive so i installed it in chrome. With firefox, however, it bogged down the startup times and caused a tad bit higher cpu usage which is why I used alternatives instead.

Browsing speed will be improved (although it is very slight depending of course on the website content i.e. if there are too many ads, then site will load faster with the add-on, otherwise, the difference is insignificant) but at the cost of general responsiveness (for firefox at least). Alternatives include:

  1. UserContent.css or the like (name and location depends on browser)
    +much easier on the system and generally recommended for low-spec systems,
    +does not bog browsers down (significantly anyway if there are any)
    -rather tedious to construct, and breaks some sites

  2. Bluhell Firewall (firefox only)
    +very light, does not affect ff (significantly) at all
    +nothing else to configure

-available only for ff
-some ads still manage to pass through
-nothing can be configured

  1. Adblock Edge
    +practically the same as adblock plus
    +does not make exceptions to ads
    -just as heavy as adblock

4. Hosts file
+nothing to install
+rather light (there were reports that it bogs down browsers, but I’m not seeing any in firefox or chrome in an Intel 1.66 Ghz Processor, 1Gb RAM and running BodhiLinux)
+affects all browsers
-tends to break some sites
-difficult to troubleshoot

For my firefox, I use bluhell and do a bit more tweaking:

  1. forcing new windows even scripts to open in a new tab (about:config preference; helps for segregation)
  2. In the applications tab in the preferences dialog, changed actions to “save file”. I generally prefer files downloaded rather than through the browser. It’s the same thing anyway, so might as well. This is the first time I’ve had this done and I’m not sure if it works or it’s just the update, but ff is responding as fast as chrome, even faster sometimes.)

I use Privdog.
It speeds up my browsing.
It stops malware infections from ads.
It keeps the internet ecosystem of free content in tact.


Any chance of Privdog (inc. other Comodo extensions) becoming available for Linux browsers? I’m using Ubuntu most of the time now with Chromium as my default browser. Once XP expires in April, this will become full time. Would really like to see Comodo branch out more into Linux. Dragon for Ubuntu would be cool :).


You can already use the extensions in Chrome for Linux, you just need to get the extension files first, they’re in the [b]C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon\extensions[/b] directory, PrivDog should at least be able to update itself after installer but I’m not so sure about the other extensions.

Thanxx for all the info guyz.

I have installed Adblock Plus in Chrome & Internet Explorer
Win 7 64

I want to know if any of you have prob with Video Chat in Yahoo Messenger i.e either the voice is not transferred both ways or sometimes Video Call tab is kind of greyed out i.e cannot be clicked.
I am having this prob today. And yesterday I installed Adblock Plus & Bitdefender free AV. I tried disabling BD free & Adblock Plus but no success. Could these programs be the reason for the prob?

Any info?

One more question
Does the lists & Adblock Plus updates automatically?
I installed on 20 Mar 2014 & it still shows updated 20 Mar 2014.

btw, how do you validate that the ads allowed are malware free?

It’s probable considering, although I’ve had that problem long before Adblock and BD free were around.

As for adblock and it’s lists, yeah, it updates automatically.

I download songs & other media stuff through search. And on many sites there are tons of ads & popup ads. I find Privdog very less effective in blocking popup ads even if I set it to block all.

Adblock Plus is very effective. I run it with the option “allow acceptable ads” enabled & haven’t seen any obtrusive ads yet. Their acceptable ads policy seems very strong.

Hi naren,
Other than being unobtrusive, is there any evidence that their acceptable ads have been sanitised or tested for privacy threats etc?
They are also still loading from numerous 3rd party organisations, correct?


I dont know much, I am new to ABP.
Currently running it with 4 lists on Chrome
EasyLists - Default.
MalwareDomains, SocialBlock & EasyPrivacy - After ABP install, you get an option to enable these (disable by default). And you get an option to disable “allow acceptable ads” (enable by default)

What does “Acceptable ads” mean?

I think we’re straying too much from the initial concern. Before we go about deconstructing terms and comparing products, shouldn’t we just answer the concern of the poster? State what we use and why, sure, but to do things like these is somewhat reminiscent to something that happened sometime ago with SiberLynx, and we were reminded to stay on-topic. These kinds of questions would simply incite a debate.

I do believe we have a separate section for PrivDog? Explanations of it’s methodologies would be best put there especially since OP has stated:

so I think let’s drop it from here with a quick summary of why PrivDog, or just use the PM. I’m not trying to do anything here, but I’d really like it if everyone would follow forum policies. If any moderators think otherwise, please do tell us. I might’ve simply misunderstood so it’ll be good to enlighten me now.

Hi spainach_12,
Umm the subject title is ‘Adblock Plus’, our questions are to do with Adblock Plus not PrivDog.
I have failed to see where we have run OT? ???


Exactly what we are trying to find out.

I have to concur with captainsticks, initial question was answered and now we are trying to get further information about what the OP has stated.

OP has stated “acceptable ads” and we are trying to find out what that is,

  1. Are these ads sanitized before served or not?
  2. What constitutes acceptable? Who decides?
  3. Are users still being connected to 3rd party servers who are serving these ads?
  4. Are there any checks to see if these 3rd party servers that users are connecting to malware free?
  5. What controls are in place if the 3rd party server that is allowed to serve ads, start serving malware or unacceptable ads? (how do you detect this in the first place?)
  6. Why are these 3rd party servers allowed to continue to serve ads?(Any financial gains?) and so on…

The OP openly admits he is new to ABP and we are hoping that our questions will help him in his analysis.

I have never used adblockers.
Recently I have started to use Adblock Plus.

I tried Privdog but I find it less effective, especially against popup ads/whole window popup ads. And plus there is no extension for Chrome. You have to install it on the system.

I didn’t go into deep & find out what are Adblock Plus policy & etc… Its a trusted program used by many & sometimes thats enough for not so knowledgeable users like me. And I find it good, effective & stable. Yes I did my little search before using it.

If you want to know anything about Adblock Plus, you can find it on their site & forums as you are an expert in computer security.

Users like me who dont understand technical know how, post their query in the forums & get help, suggestions, support from experts.

Great to hear that.

Is there any question you want us to answer?
If not we can close this topic if you like.