Adblock Plus for Chrome!

Well, it looks like Wladimir Palant has rethought his decision to never port Adblock Plus to Chrome! ;D

Adblock Plus and (a little) more: Adblock Plus for Google Chrome to be released soon

I’m crossing my fingers that it will run Dragon 6.

there alrealy exist an funtional adblock for chrome

its very good so i dont see any need for the “plus”
btw: or i dont know what new funtions will bring the “plus”
i dont find what is different in the web page so can you enumerate they?

If you’ve ever used Adblock Plus in Firefox, nothing else quite compares. It’s quite a powerful extension.

I realize the Chrome API is more restrictive currently than Firefox, but I think Wladimir will be able to surpass the current efforts in Chrome since he has so much expertise in this regard.

Thanks a lot for the link! I am using the new ABP beta in CD and it is working fine so far. Hopefully it stays that way.

For those of you interested, here’s the link:

shall we put one as default in Dragon?

I think that would be fantastic. AdBlock Plus is always one of the top rated and downloaded extensions in Firefox. You can see in the screenshot that it has almost a million downloads a week! :o

The Chrome extension is still young and in beta, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t become the leader in the Chrome world as well.

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If you team up with fanboy because his modified version of ABP is a bit better.

shall we put one as default in Dragon?
I think so :-La :-TU

Perhaps during installation give them a choice, but have that one as default. That should satisfy most people.

I like to use custom filters instead of subscription filters, do you think this will be possible in the future for Chrome adblock Plus? Thanks

Yes, you can create custom filters for the Chrome extension.

Thanks HeffeD.

I think the mob has spoken >:-D

We want adblock, and to be fair, you can opt out can get your ads back :o

The reason I block ads is if I want to read an ad I look at the so called junk mail, ads thrown at your face usually are pushy and have misleading information. If I walk into a place that advertises in this way with no clothes on, they will get upset and say we don’t want to see that, and my reply would be see how it feels if something is thrown at your face you don’t want to see. I know people would say ads are needed to make the world go round. Advertising can have advantages for both parties, but you should only find them when you are searching for them. Comodo or any other reputable companies may use advertising in some way but they don’t slap people in the face with their ads. Kind regards.

Sure, having AdBlock Plus in Comodo Dragon sounds good to me; also an option to have the browser clear cookies, history, passwords, forms, flash cookies (Better Privacy Plug-in), temporary internet files, etc. at the close of the browser like Firefox would be nice too. :wink: :slight_smile:

FYI, there currently is an option to delete all cookies when you close your browser.

I know, but not History, Flash Cookies, and maybe a few others; but I could be wrong, but I do not remember having as many easy set-it-once-and-forget-it options like in Firefox, in any Chromium browser that I have used yet :wink:

I have attached two screenshots of some of my Firefox settings as examples of what I am talking about, except for the flash cookie clearing, which is done by the Better Privacy add-on. :wink:

It just makes it easy having it set and having it all done automatically after closing the browser; I look forward to seeing Comodo Dragon add a more extensive list of things that are cleared besides just cookies and maybe temporary internet files. :slight_smile:

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In the interim, you could run Dragon inside Sandboxie. You can set it to clear the sandbox when an application closes.

Or doesn’t incognito mode cause all that stuff to be wiped? I’ve never used it…

This is the best AD Block for Chrome: