Adblock doesn't work initially

When Dragon first launches, Adblock is clearly not blocking ads. If I go to Tools, Extensions, Dragon opens a new page (not a tab); on the new page Adblock IS working! Why doesn’t Adblock work properly on the first page?

What page is opened when you launch CD?

Hi dragging,
Do you have Dragon set to start in Incognito mode?
Found under Menu, Settings, Show Advanced Settings, Privacy.

Extensions are disabled by default in Incognito mode.
Depending on the extension, some have the ability to be enabled in Incognito mode from the extensions options. is my startup page (it has many ads). I do start in incognito mode, but I can’t find an option to ENABLE Adblock in incognito.

Hi dragging,
Go to the Menu, Tools, Extensions and there should be a check-box to tick Allow in incognito for your adblock extension.

Thanks, captainsticks!
That makes Adblock work from the start. Does anyone know why Dragon sometimes starts a new page, but other times starts only a new tab? I can’t find a setting to open new links in a tab rather than a page.

Hi dragging,
Here are some ideas.

  • Middle mouse click if possible/available.
  • Ctrl+click
  • Right click and choose Open link in new tab.
  • Add the following extension,
    One Window