AdBlock and other extensions not compatible???

Whether or not the consensus of the devs is that Chrome/Chromium is putting out major versions too quickly, I have encountered multiple extentions (most notably AdBlock) which will not work with CD as it requires version 6 to be compatible. :frowning: I’m not a huge extensions user but AdBlock is pretty much standard these days. When will this be fixed?

Until CD and AdBlock play nice again, you can use AdThwart. It’s what I’m using with CD right now.

How is it performing? I’ve heard mixed reviews on AdThwart.

I use it and i notice no difference maybe a few ads here and there.

You might try to fortify your Hosts file to block ads. I use HostsMan to manage MVPS Hosts, hpHosts (Ad and tracking servers), and Peter Lowe’s AdServers List subscriptions. I never see ads in CD, but then, I’m also behind a paid proxy and use OpenDNS which filter out much garbage.