Ad-hoc Internet connection

I recently downloaded an update for comodo and since then i cannot connect to the internet through my home ad-hoc network, although before the update i could. If i disable the firewall i can connect to the internet but i used to be able to connect without disabling it. Now i cannot use the internet without running the firewall disabled. Is there any settings i can manipulate to change this?

From what version did you update? Do the Firewall logs show blocked traffic? Post a screenshot of your logs.

now it seems to be working. not certain of my old version but the new one is 3.3.65951.477
and screenshot is attatched

Edit: the screenshot is as much of the logs i can fit im but the top one is the only one from today and the rest are yesterday

Edit#2: Back to running comodo at disabled mode because it is blocking seemingly everything again

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Can you run Diagnostics and see what it reports? When it tries to fix and ask for a reboot, reboot as asked. Diagnostics can be found under Miscellaneous.

none of my internet connections work with comodo now. I am on dial-up right now with comodo disabled. The diagnostic tool reported that it did not find any problems with my installation. I ran it twice.

Can you show me screenshots of your Global Rules and the Application Rules for System and svchost.exe?

I changed the rules for svchost.exe last night to outgoing only after reding your post here: Things seem to be working now. do you still want to see the screenshots? Thank you for your help.

Congrats on finding a solution yourself. :-TU