Ad Blocking

Removes the advertising spam, blocks pop-ups, porn banners, video ads, rich media and other unusual forms of advertising. Speeds up page loading and saves bandwidth.

There are extensions for this that can be used.

there are also addons that allow you to share pages on facebook and other social network sites but comodo is adding a button in dragon to do this.

this is highly un needed and provides no improvement to security or the actual browsing experience. where as adblockng to the degree of adblock plus does. not to mention sum people like to keep addons to a minimum. i think this would be a much more fitting built in feature rather than comodo’s share button but i can see why they’d add it. dragon isn’t well known but almost everyone uses social network sites and the average user doesn’t use addons so dragon would be seen as a browser that makes sharing easy. although rockmelt i’m sure will over shadow comodo’s share button for some but for others rockmelt would be too much for them

I would like to see ad blocking added to CD also :-TU. Back in the old days, I used to use a program called Proximitron which would operate on the loopback address and you would point your browser at this address. It had some interesting filters which you could apply to it. Not sure whether this would be relevant to CD / Chromium now but might be usefull.