Ad-Aware Conflict with CP2? [Resolved]

Hi, I have a stand alone system running Windows Home XP2. I have today downloaded and installed CP2 with the help of Little Mac’s step by step guide (thank you it was most helpful) all went well and I have encountered only one problem which concerns Lavasoft Ad-Aware. When I run Ad-Aware I get lots of pop-ups from CP2 informing me that Ad-Aware has attempted to change various applications in the system memory (Avast scanners/Site Advisor etc) CP2 requests a decision to allow/deny these changes but I am unsure what is the correct procedure. If someone could advise me on this I would be most grateful.

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I think this problem occur, because Ad-aware is checking which processes that is currently running, not really sure, but you would possible need to allow Ad-aware to access system memory.
As I said I’m not sure, but that sounds like the only reason why Ad-aware would need to access system memory.


Thanks for your reply Ragwing I do agree with you that Ad-Aware needs to access the memory in order to carry out its scan but my concern is every time I run it the same pop ups come up from CP2 even if I have previously checked the remember box. My main thought was that it was a conflict between the two applications as I have run other scans and had no problems and secondly would Ad-Aware’s behaviour have any detrimental effects on my CP2 firewalls protection.

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I’m glad the install tutorial helped you.

On these alerts, it sounds like it’s based on Application Behavior Analysis, and I’m guessing they pop up when you run some other application, to say that AdAware has somehow involved itself in the process. Is this correct?

It would be helpful if you can capture a couple screenshots of these alerts, and attach those to your post (using the Additional Options visible below the textbox of the post).


Hello Little Mac, Thanks for your response I have attached a couple of screenshots of the pop ups that appear after running Ad-Aware, I have ran other scans ie Spybot and Windows Defender without any problems.

The tutorial was indeed very helpful I was going to ask if it could be made more prominent on the board? I ask this as I have come across people on other boards who have been confused over the installation of CPF especially when installing to a stand alone pc and are unsure about Network setup and if it applies to them.

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Sorry about that the attachment was larger then the 4500kb allowed :-[ Hope these will be ok.

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That’ll work…

As I thought, you have two Application Behavior Analysis (ABA) alerts here. The rule of thumb (as given by Comodo development team) is that if you are familiar with both applications, it is safe to Allow w/Remember so that you wont’ see that specific alert again. The time to be concerned is if you don’t know both applications involved in these types of alerts.

These alerts are generated because of the way applications communicate behind the scenes where we don’t see them. It’s perfectly normal and not a cause for concern. A call from one application to another can be held open in resident memory long after the application is closed as well. The “problem” is that these communication methods are utilized by malware as well, to try to get back out from your computer; CFP doesn’t differentiate between “good” and “bad” but only analyzes the type of activity and warns the user.

If both applications are on the encrypted safelist, you won’t see these alerts. Provided, of course, that you have the safelist feature enabled (which it is by default).

So there’s your “official” answer.

Unofficially, I personally don’t like applications that force communications in this way. I either remove them, block them, or create allow rules in such a way that they don’t need to use other applications to connect. If a security application that is not a real-time scanner tries such a thing, I don’t waste time with it; I just remove it.

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Many thanks for the clarification on this Little Mac it is much appreciated. One last thing are the 6 entries listed for my Network Control Rules correct for a stand alone pc connected by modem to an ADSL?

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Sure, those are the default rules created by an Automatic installation of the firewall. They are “default” as this has been shown to return maximum results/usability by the majority of users. They create a good starting point to the Network Monitor rules; I think most users probably modify them fairly extensively, based on their personal needs or preferences.

As far as prominence for the Install Tutorial, there’s not a whole lot I can do with that…

It’s in this Tutorial Compilation, which is sticky’d in the FAQ board,6167.0.html

It’s in the FAQs/Threads - Read Me First thread along with the Compilation thread.

And then finally it’s in the FAQ board as well

The more hits, the higher it goes, so really it’s up to the user… :wink:


Thanks again for your help. I actually found the answer to my last question in one of your tutorials and I have a much better understanding of the workings of CP2 now :THNK Its just a case of finding your way around but its still good to receive a speedy reply especially to neebies like myself. Kindest regards.

No problem at all; we’re here to help.

How are we doing on the answer to your original question? Has it been answered to your satisfaction and understanding?


Yes I am happy to know that there is no conflict with Ad-Aware which could adversly effect my firewalls protection. I am pleased with CP2 it has impressed me, especially as I ran the Shields Up tests after install and it passed all of them with flying colours (:CLP) I am confident I will soon get to know my way around it. Regards RM

Great. I’ll go ahead and mark the topic as resolved, then, and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.


PS: Keep plugging away at the firewall; you’ll get it figured out in no time, and be rockin’ along. Any questions you can’t find answers for, just ask…