Ad-aware 2008 Released!

Release Date: 21/5/08

We’re proud to announce: Ad-Aware 2008 Free, Plus, and Pro versions are now available.

While we continue to offer a full-powered anti-spyware solution that is free of charge for personal home use, with this new release, there’s more reason than ever to boost your defenses with our Plus or Pro products. Ad-Aware 2008 Plus and Pro now offer even bigger and better detection; integrated anti-virus along with real-time monitoring provides constant protection to guard against today’s complex threats. Visit our Ad-Aware 2008 Free, Plus and Pro product pages to see the full features of each new version.

Need Ad-Aware Plus or Pro on more than one PC? Save big – up to 71% – with our new multi-pack licenses! More details on our 3-license and 5-license packs are available on each version’s product page.

Want to try before you buy? Now you can! Visit our Trial Center to download a free 30-day trial of Ad-Aware Plus or Pro.

Remember, if you have a valid Ad-Aware 2007 Plus or Pro license, update to Ad-Aware 2008 free of charge through the Lavasoft Support Center. Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Log-in to the Support Center and download Ad-Aware 2008 from the download link option in the “Your Licenses” menu.

  2. Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007. Use the “Add or Remove Programs” menu in the Control Panel to select Ad-Aware 2007. Click “Remove.”

  3. Install Ad-Aware 2008. Ad-Aware 2008 will automatically recognize your previous license information and the Plus or Pro features will be activated.


I will pass 3. Ad Aware is was past its prime and i hate any program that installs a back round service even if your using on demand only I will stick with SAS and MBAM.

I don’t use it either. Some might though…Sticking with SAS too!


Sad, they’re going down the same way Spyware doctor does. :cry:

Extended Threat Detection not in the free version
Where have I seen this before.

It used to be good, now it’s just as ■■■■ as the rest is.


Spybot & Ad-aware are old news.

SUPERAntispyware outshines both products, SAS is the “new kid on the block” and does a darn good job.

Like Zonealarm, Comodo outshined that, and all other free/paid firewalls, and Comodo is the new kid on the block. Because we are using are not using 1980 technology, We are using 2000-2008 tech!


It’s a good post, a good thread, it’s good information and a good gesture to post this.

But I, like some of you, will not be using Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware 2008. Their 2007 was complete GARBAGE. I couldn’t even update the definitions or software. I even manually unistalled and downloaded the newest setup files, TWICE, just to try to get the ■■■■ updates.

No thanks. SAS is very sufficient for my needs.

+1 :-TU




Ad-Aware or AdWare? :slight_smile: im just kiddin. I tried ad-aware 07 and didn’t like it at all. Might try 08 if i get paranoid though. :-[

I do NOT recommend using Ad-Aware free (i.e. 2007, or the newest, even worse, 2008 version, which includes automatic updates without user’s decision)
If you want to continue to use it freely, return to Ad-Aware SE (the version before AAW 2007),
if only as an additional on demand tool.

On the other hand, I DO, and sincerely DO, recommend the newest version of Spybot S&D as the only proggie out there to immunize your system against over 80.000 spyware threats without using your sys resources (that is, only if “Tea Timer” option being unchecked, and I’ve always recommended to uncheck it).

No, IMHO Spybot S&D is not an unnecessary sys hog, but a fine contribution to the freeware world of serious sys protection.

The GUI is ugly, of course, but, what the heck…?


Ad-aware is past it’s prime; See’s Editor’s Review

One of the first applications built to find and remove adware and spyware, Ad-Aware's excellent reputation is well-justified. While the 2007 edition is still free, it does have some new features that may make you reconsider the height of the pedestal it sits on.

First off, the app’s updater is now permanently on, running in your system’s background. The irony of Ad-Aware running potential spyware is not lost on us. The interface has also been completely overhauled, and it’s a bit more confusing. There are six tabs in the nav bar. Status and Scan initiate adware scans and finish with a line-item list so you can select which components to remove and create a system restore point. The context menu offers some information about suspected adware, though it’s light on details.

Other navbar buttons include Ad-Watch, offering real-time defenses but only in the paid version. Plug-ins are disabled in the free version, but the Tools and Plug-ins tab hosts TrackSweep, the new browsing tracks cleaner. Smoothly integrated into the app, it wipes the cache, cookies, and history, and other breadcrumbs left by major browsers. We couldn’t help but notice, though, that the Web Update tab, which controls definition file and software updates, ran far more sluggishly than in previous editions, and sometimes even crashed the program.

The Settings tab provides access to autoscans, browsers, scanning, the interface, and log files. The app does an excellent job of removing most malware components, although rescanning is necessary for a seriously infected machine. The freeware restrictions are mildly irritating, but they’re nothing compared with some of the serious stability and background processes in the 2007 version. However, it is a fully functional adware remover, and it continues to do that well. With some hesitation, we recommend Ad-Aware 2007 as part of your arsenal.


I won’t use adaware and don’t plan on it in the near future. Their products are not as good as they use to be. Plain and simple.

They may have added features and such, but their 2007 version was horrible, so I will not bother with 2008.

Hmm with tea timer unchecked (not that i disagree with doing this, mind you), you have basically zero active protection from Spybot except for the “immunization” which is basically just the setting of activex Kill-bits and throwing sites into the internet explorer restricted zone.

Spywareblaster does that too.

I don’t quite agree that immunization is without system resources since it takes up system resources in terms of a bigger registry. Also it is a protection of a very specialized and limited type. Any malware that does not use activex, or is not spread through browser drivebys will not be affected by “immunization”.

These days this is a very large group.

Hi Luketan, whilst you are right with your assumptions, I’ve never said there is no need for active protection, all I said is that I do not recommend Spybot’s tea timer for that kind of protection, cause there are other programs that’ll do this special thing without usings lot’s of resources. Talkin’ bout layered security…


And my point is that other “special thing without using lot’s of resources” is a very weak and useless form of protection.

I’m really glad that I’m using the same spyware programmes as the ‘pros’… as for spybot , I have to say I did disable teatime as it was annoying when I was trying to upgrade a programme , half way through I would get warnings from spybot , but not one , several throughout the process, so you had to sit there and keep clicking ‘accept’ all the time , if it had been once I could have accepted that .

I don’t know why you say Ad-aware 2008 sucks. It is a great product to use as a security tool backup. The Pro and Plus versions use Avira’s antivirus engine. Does it make Ad-Aware 2008 Pro and Plus, both bad products?

Than why use it ? Use Avira instead and have only one program ;D

I use none. But as part of my work I test security tools and Ad-Aware is a great one.

My self I just use firewall + anti-exploit + behavior analyzer