Ad-Aware 2007, Win32.Backdoor.Agent false positive on CFP3.0.12 [Resolved]

i installed Comodo V3 and it went well, after doing a routine scan with ad-aware i recieved the following scan result…
Win32.Backdoor.Agent Category: Virus TAI:10
Value: File: C:\ProgramData\comodo\common\DB\DDB\DLL\339_d.sld
i also did a scan with Spy-Bot Search and Destroy, and Avast anti-virus, and Windows Defender none of those showed anything wrong.


Ad-Aware 2007, Current Version 0034.0000 definitions … updated today 11-20-07

Ooops i mean why is there a directory called “ProgramData”? Looks fake and virus-like :D.

the ProgramData folder is a “hidden” folder, visible only if you go to folder options and select “show hidden files and folders”, theres actually a few folders from varius programs in it, and all scan clean using Avast, Ad-Aware,Windows Defender,SpyBot Search and Destroy… with the exception of the Ad-Aware scan of the one comodo file. i’m sure its not a virus

“Program Data”???

The default location is

“C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Common\DB …”

Did you follow the default values when installing, or did you vary from the suggested locations?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I am using vista & ad aware 2007.
I got the same thing show up VIRUS back door agent.
Should I use adaware to delete this?
Btw I used default install settings.

i should have wrote it’s a VISTA system, the “programdata” folder is listed at microsofts own website, no i did not variate from the suggested installation route, the following is from microsoft itself…

“User Profiles in Windows Vista
In Windows XP, 2000, 2003, user profiles are stored under c:\Documents and Settings. In Windows Vista (and the soon to be Windows Server 2008 – Longhorn), profiles are now stored under c:\Users. You will see a c:\Documents and Settings folder in Windows Explorer in Vista, but you will also notice the shortcut icon on this folder, and you will not be able to access this folder.”

Me Too … In XP … why is “D:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo\common\DB\DDB\DLL\339_d.sld” a Backdoor Agent ?

I just changed back to basic firewall , scanned, still there , put it in the sin bin [quarantine]
I still trust comodo over all others.
I hope this is just a bug or something to let it report back to base,
that I dont mind.
Anything with the word [ backdoor] cant be 2 good though :THNK

me too,
XP sp2,
Ad-ware 1.06 SE
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo\common\DB\DDB\DLL\339_d.sld

Just a false positive, most likely.

i did not believe it was actually malware, just a clash between softwares, obviously from my other posts about this issue, i have scanned with many different applications and only ad-aware hit on it, i plan on posting at lavasoft about this and hopefully they will fix the issue

this issue has been resolved! :BNC here is a direct quote from Lavasoft’s forum regading this issue,

“This issue is fixed in the current definition file releases:
0035.0000 and SE1R204
LS Pekka
Lavasoft Research”

i updated my definitions and scanned again, NO problem now!