actualize available updates for Comodo firewall impossible

Hello, since i downloaded the software 5 weeks ago i could’t carry out one succsessful update - after installing about 2% of the actualization an error report is shown or if not it will last about 2 hrs until he managed only 5% of everything. There must be something blocking the download 'cause actualizing updates for Antivir, Spybot and Windows is not a problem at all. I did deactivate Win firewall on my Win 7 / 64 bit system as recommended, the Comodo firewall is working too except that i can’t install available updates. If there is no way out i will uninstall Comodo and get me back my old firewall (Zonealarm) …

what version are you using, v5…1142? just firewall with defense+, or together with antivirus?

what are you trying to update, the antivirus database? you said you use avira too. you should only use one antivirus guard!

are you sure that you uninstalled everything from zone alarm? maybe a resisting fragment is left…

stay with avira and use comodo for firewall and defense+. works fine. it is not enough to disable the comodo antivirus, you have to remove that part.

use “start- programs and standards”, there choose cis and “change”. then you can remove that av part. or make a clean reinstall, after you exported your comodo settings. then import them again.

usually comodo works fine. no need to go to another firewall… just look at the tests :wink:

It is the firewall with defense + and the update is related to this part of CIS (i don’t know if it is v5 or 1142, to be honest) - the rest is from Avira and the Zone Alarm never was installed on this notebook (was on the old one) but i just realized that there is a general problem with downloading some software like VLC player. 10 minutes ago i got the message that it is not possible to download because the server connection has been reset. I remember i did change something in the setting when i tried to solve another problem. Right now i try to remember where i have to click to get access to this part with server connections and where i can make it undone…

i meant, what does tell you that there is an update?
you can see your version under “more – about”. the up to date version is “v5…1142”.

if you made a wrong decision, look in “firewall – network security”, and delete the wrong rule.
there is a list for defense+ too. look in “defense – computer security”. just erase a rule, and start the program you want to use again, to make a better decision.

i would suggest you to look one time through all the windows of comodo. then you know what it offers. then it is not a big hill, just a usefull program :slight_smile:

and another suggestion: you only need outgoing rules normally, because requested packets will arrive.

thanks for your efforts - the version is 41.150349.920; might be not the newest version. It is a Comodo popup which tells me that there are updates available but as i mentioned there seems to be a general problem with downloading software. Yesterday i tried to download vlc player but i 've been told that it can’t carry out the download related to a problem with the server connection. I am here in Thailand and use a stick from vodaphone / 7.2bit and go online via local AIS-net and all the other updates from Antivir, Spybot and Windows work. Do you have a clue where i find access to the server connection panel to check the settings again - i remember i set back the server connection or something like that a while ago. I think this is where the problem started and the unsuccsessful downloads are not due to AIS Network which usually provides good service.

i would suggest to load the newest version of comodo. best moment to make a fresh start, with new rules set. keep avira, dont install while installation the comodo antivirus part, OPT OUT the use of comodo DNS. its opt in by default now.
if your downloads dont work in general, i would uninstall comodo allready before the download, while the internet is plugged off. then i would enable the windows firewall (which protects you from ingoing) for the time until you have downloaded the new comodo.
unplug the internet again, disable the windows firwall and install comodo.

the version 5 has a “cloud feature” for program checks and for antivirus. i disabled it, because i am not sure what comodo sends to that cloud. look through the settings of defense+ for “check behaviour and unknown programs online” things (two), disable that, if you dont want to be part of a “cloud”.

go one time through all the windows, look what is there, make settings. many people say, the new “organisation of tabs is better now”, but it is difficult to describe paths now. so look yourself. basically its still the same, but a bit different. i dont like these tabs which change positions when you choose one of another line (like in windows OS). so remember what you saw allready.

make only OUTgoing rules, and use the stealth port wizard “hide me from everyone”. everything should work. only if you run a real server or p2p you could need some exceptions. very few.

i considered this too but what if i uninstall Comodo and i can’t download the new version - then i could only reactivate Win - firewall to be protected. Maybe i should wait to next month when i am back to Bkk - i could first ask the shop where i bought the mobile I-net stick and the Sim for using local network. Maybe the problem is due to some net variations - right now i wantedto install the new Avira update and it refused to actualize. When i want to download the software of vlc player from Chip online a popup tells me after a while that it can’t do the download because the server connection was set back - what does this mean ? i am not sure if i did choose the appropriate words in English - in my home language (German) it is called … " die server verbindung wurde zurückgesetzt". I am here on a remoted island at the Malaysian border and perhaps it’s really a net problem and everything works again when i’m back in the city. The pages open slowly too and it’s logical that the coverage in Bkk must be better. Anyway, the check of the local coverage here on top of the mountain resulted in a positive reply (good network quality) but for downloads you need a stable connection without too many variations and the percent of bit in the network window sometimes goes really towards zero…

disable “check for updates” under “more–settings”, to get rid off this pop up.

if you treat your browser as “web browser” when it asks, you should be able to download. or as you say maybe its a connection thing. if it first loads and then drops, and the server connection is set back, its a big hint for that.

i did follow your advice and deactivated the host that looks for available updates - after i tried again and this time it managed about 25% in 2 hrs before it came to a sudden end by showing < common.cave: error 0x80072ee2> i did download before (about 13mb with an average rate of 16kb/s) and yesterday night the second attempt actualizing Avira was successful as well - so i really think there went something wrong when i downloaded Comodo software, i mean something in the part which signs responsible for the management of the updates 'cause the rest of Comodo firewall is doing it’s job quite well. When i’m back to Bkk i will replace old with new version and then it might find a happy end. Meanwhile i probably know why i can’t download from , they are using another download manager called and not the one from like Comodo for instance and this might be a problem for microsoft. Anyhow i let you know when i installed the latest Comodo version and how it works with the update afterwards - i hope there not been too many important updates i missed in the last weeks - thanks again for your time and assistance !

bit torrent is a peer to peer thing!

if you meant, i am sure you can find normal downloads there.

when you install the new version of comodo, read my given suggestions again. there are new “features” and you should decide if you want them.

Meanwhile i work with the new Comodo firewall version - i installed it without this DNS - part two weeks ago and there was no occasion to test if the actualization of updates is possible now 'cause “the product is updated so far”. But there is still a problem to download updates of Antivir due to “gateway timeout”. I guess the server quality in these public networks is not stable and insufficient so i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same thing with Comodo when there are updates available and i try to download them.
But anyhow the latest version of Comodo is working and i think it will take some time until there is a new update available and lets see, maybe the public networks in the Philippines supply better server quality than here in Thailand …

if you cant update avira inside its client, on the original avira homepage you can find zip files which you can download and install by using manual update tab. dont unzip before that.

but these files are around 40mb big. use it in case of otherwise update impossibillity.

May be you need to disable Block fragmented IP Datagrams.