Actual Improvements in v11 free Firewall?

As my Firewall v10.1.0.6476, which never gave me any problems since installed, has recently started showing the option for an online “jump” to the latest v11, I’d like to ask a question to those who are using only the free Firewall module and recently upgraded it from v10 to v11:

did you notice any sensible, tangible improvements in the actual “core business” of the Firewall (startup speed, general performance, user interface…)?

Apart from various stability fixes there are fixes regarding HIPS and sandbox as well as improved compatibility with Windows 10.

No changes in the UI and performance. Comodo just released a beta of CIS 2019 (v12) which brings performance improvements to both the CIS as a whole and the AV engine. It has a noticeable influence on overall system performance. Some of the performance enhancements also influence the performance of the firewall when reading this comment by the lead developer.

Thanks very much for your kind, clear and helpful answer, which seems to suggest no hurry in upgrading to v11, at least for basic “only firewall” users like I am.
The fact is I tend to be quite cautious (even too much, often) in upgrading programs which prove to run reasonably well.
Most probably the now available online upgrade from v10 to v11 would be flawless (although with almost imperceptible effects), but jumping directly to v12 , when the time comes, could be an even better move, at least in my case. A better… compromise between possible “risks” and actual benefits. :slight_smile:

PS. Is it just a sensation of mine, or are CIS developers gradually focusing more on the antivirus, sandbox etc. than on the actual firewall, perhaps because the latter has gradually become less crucial, for overall security purposes, than the other modules?

You could consider updating to v11 as it has had multiple iterations. So kinks are ironed out and you will get the benefits of stability fixes. If you would upgrade don’t forget to export your configuration in case you would like to return to v10. And always keep an installer of v10 on your hard drive.

The development of the firewall has stopped long time ago. The focus has been very much on sandboxing and later to a lesser extend on the behaviour blocker. The development of the AV is currently in a sprint with performance as the prime target.

Developing the Cloud AV can be seen as an indication how important proactive security is in Comodo’s thinking with a less of a focus on the network firewall. Comodo Cloud AV is not going to replace CIS. It is a lightweight solution and an elegant concept in its own right.

Does that mean that firewalls have generally lost much relevance (security wise), or that Comodo developers decided to somehow… leave their own firewall behind, preferring to focus on other tasks they consider more significant?
Maybe nowadays CFW, as a mere firewall, is no more a “first class” choice?

Huh? There is nothing to improve upon, the firewall does one thing and does it well. I mean yeah it would be great if they allowed the use of jumbo packets but other than that, there isn’t anything to change as far as network filtering.

It is a rock solid firewall but Comodo could bring usability improvements for advanced users. That has been asked several times over the years by advanced users but has never been granted.

I just got version 11. I had v8 for ages. I am glad to see there is now an easy way to unblock applications mistakenly blocked

@EricJH What improvements would you like to see?