Activity Report Inaccurate

I did a large file xfer over the lan out of curiosity to see what kind of activity the program showed. I noticed that the activity for “System”, specifically the traffic portion, was inaccurate. I xferred about 1GB of data, and only 42 MB was shown - where or did it track that activity?

I’m using the latest Beta CPF ( and transferred a 900Mb file watching the CPF Connections monitor… I however did see an increase of over 900 Mb to the “System” channel I established, which i figured was packet overhead, ack/nack, and other communication happening on the LAN during the transfer.

What CPF version are you using?

Hi Guys,

This issue has been repoted before. Sometimes CPF does not report traffic correctly. This is in our task list. I hope we will be fixing this in the future versions.

Thank you for the feedback,