Activity - Logs no longer display anything!

Help! my Comodo Personal firewall was working perfectly. After an update the log file stopped working. I uninstalled program & reinstalled. No luck whatsoever. Believe I have a major rootkit/hacker program. Unable to get out of custom even when I uninstalled & reinstalled. Know that lots of unwanted internet traffic is bombarding my sys. But not what to do.

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First things first. it’s extremely unlikely a rootkit/hacker would disable just the logging capability of a firewall, or any security application. More likely, it would disable the whole program. However, to be safe, its worth scanning your system using a good AS/AV/Anti-rootkit application(s).

Its difficult to know what may have happened in your situation but if you have cfp installed go to:

Activity/Logs and right click in the log window. In the menu click: ‘Log Events From’ and make sure all four items are ticked.

Hope this helps


What update was it?
I don’t think there has been any recently…
But I could be wrong…