Activity icon - Better - But not quite

I like that there now IS an activity indicator (like in ZoneAlarm).
But it is NOT good enough yet. It does indicate in/out activity.
But it does not indicate the amount in any way (I like the ZoneAlarm way).
And the color doesn’t fit classic Windows at all (again the ZA one is better).
A way of customizing the look, colors etc would be a great improvement.
I have included an image of how it looks on my Windows XP…

[attachment deleted by admin]

I agree :). Although better than the old one, I feel the system tray icon doesn’t do CFP justice (but a good start anyway). I would like to see the animation on the icon rather than switching between the two (similar to SKPF4).


The only problem I see, is the black. Comodo is RED \BLUE \WHITE based and then to see a black sys tray con, may take some by surprise. It looks good, don’t get me wrong but the black , unless they use my gui I made, :wink: :wink: :wink: doesn’t fit.


I agree, id love to see a Zonealarm style animated icon. The current CPF icon doesnt really show enough, and i agree on the colour scheme issues! :wink:

count my vote :BNC
As I said before, I wish the ZA way is not patented in some ways… 'cos clearly it is the most preferred among users but it’s not anywhere to be seen other than ZA products.

however, i have just uninstalled CPF 2.4 from my systems because it seems to be unstable - 'cos Internet connectivity problems… by shutting it down, my apps (like Firefox) can access Internet again… At this time, i think it is still considered beta.

Yes, I quite like the look of the icon in your avatar too :). It would also be nice to have an indication (progress bar) of traffic load too. Is it me, or has the bottom of the current CFP shield been sharpened? Seems a little pointed to me ;).