Activesync problems.

Having some problems with Activesync and WM2002.

I seem to be unable sync my PDA. I don’t want it to have internet access, but when I block it from that it seems that it is blocked outright.

I have searched and followed instructions as best I can, but I’m obviously not doing it correctly.

I have set up a new network zone with ip range -, and set up a “my port set” of 990, 999, 5271, 5678, 5679, 26675… but as I said I can only sync if I allow net access, which I don’t want to do.

I previously tried Comodo and had these problems which prompted me to go back to ZoneAlarm because I couldn’t be bothered by the hassle, but comodo is a superior application and would now rather use it instead.

Help to resolve this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Edit… Global rule as per has also been created.

Also followed instructions here…

THanks for nothing.