Activesync and Comodo

I’m trying the free version out because Zone Alarm wouldn’t allow me to sync my Axim with my computer, it doesn’t appear that Comodo will either. I disable and it works, I have allowed everything that pops up concerning Activesync go through, any ideas? Please tell me I can have some outbound protection and won’t have to settle for the Windows Firewall.

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Have a hunt around the firewall forums for other postings re. ActiveSync. This was first posted around three months ago and Egemen (Comodo Support Staff) posted an excellent, detailed response on how to make ActiveSync work. Yes, it can and does work in conjunction with CPF. The solutions entails making a couple of network rules for specific ports, but one it’s done, it just works.

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For activesync create a new rule at “Network Monitor” OF CPF:

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP
Direction = In
Source IP = Your trusted Zone (if it not works use “Any” )
Remote IP = Any
Source port = Any
Remote port = “A set of ports” = 990,999,5678,5721,26675

and move it over the “block” rules. :wink:

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