Activesync 4.5 Can't Connect with Comodo v3

Recently upgraded to Comodo Firewall V3, can’t connect my WM ATT 8525 via Activesync 4.5 unless I disable firewall. The firewall recognized it initially when I plugged it in, but it will not connect. If I disable firewall and attempt to connect it works fine. I manually added the ports as Microsoft reccommends, and manually added the 3 executable MS also reccommends; any ideas?


I use activesync 4.5 with my samsung ppc phone which is running wm6. I initially had a problem to connect. How I got it to work was, put the firewall into training mode and the Defence + into training mode and it sync’d. Then you can put the firewall and Defence + back on your previous modes. I use train with safe on both.

Hope this helps