Active x virus like not detected

I was surfing yesterday on and in “Zula” game was asking to install an active x which turned to be a virus, it also tried to change my internet zone by aking me if i want the knew adress beput on public or else.The ip was

I have CIS 5.10.228257.2253, i also use Spyware terminator 2012,Iobit malware fighter which was disabled. spyware terminator removed it thankfully but defence + did not prevent it.Also comodo DNS. A sample was not possible because the site asked for IE 6.0 or later and the file was not being saved first, just installed immediately.

Made a paragraph structure for an easier read. Eric

Do you have the HIPS component of Spyware Terminator enabled? If so that is not recommended. Having two security programs of the same kind may cause problems can is likely to reduce security.

No is the free version. For antispyware that does not count.I mean the detection was correct even if is digitally signed by verisign.

The digital signature may be why D+ did not find it.

Please consider submitting this malware in Report trusted and whitelisted malware here-2012 (NO LIVE MALWARE!) .

Please guide me on how to download this .cab file because i have windows 7 64bit and internet explorer 9 and it only installs it, it does not give me any other option.

I have the same system I use IE 9 as well. Before you say Comodo failed to prevent it you need to sort out security settings in your “Internet options” put everyhting at least medium-high that way IE will block any download of active x which is suspicious.