My browser bar will not let me use Axtive X control since we started using Launch pad.
I am not a computer ■■■■. I have 8 infected Java application files. I have no Java on my puter since trying to clean the Java files. Now I can not reload Java program cause it takes active X control to install Java.
I need to install JAVA, to remove the infected files. Which got into the puter while Komodo was supposed to be on watch. the are cached files. I deleted all my TEMP files and still the 8 are sitting there waiting to go to work if i access a website with malicious code. Please someone contact me, and tell me what I should do. HELP HELP HELP !!!

Have you tried installing Sun’s Java Runtime Environment (JRE)?

[url]Oracle Java Technologies | Oracle

BTW I’m assuming that you’ve already updated your virus defintions & scanned your whole system with your AV program. Right?