Active Webcam remote camera access

I have just instlled the firewall on to my Notebook as I use various networks and I thought that XP’s is just not tough enough outside of a router. However at home this is behind a router.
I use a program called Active Webcam (PY Software) on my home desktop PC to monitor a couple of webcams. It has an ability to send out the webcam inages or stream them to other PC’s. I quite often view these on my notebook using the same software.
Now that I have installed Comodo the remote access of these camers is blocked (its fine when I dissable the firewall). the cameras are sent via IP on ports around the 8000 - 8010 on I think UDP. There are other outputs to a website via FTP and this is fine for uploading.
When I check the logs it says that when I open the program and try to view the remote images it sys that the application monitor has suspicious behavaviour )UDP Flood) and that the firewall has switched to emergancy mode. I take it that this is why I see nothing.

I have tried to give the webcam app all the freedom I could in the furewall but nothing allows it through.

Can anyone help me configure this app? If I can not get this to work, then I am afraid its off the notebook and on to find another firewall that will allow it to work.

any help please?