Active Virus Shield not reconnect USB ADSL

WIth AVS from AOL not reconnect USB ADSL

I’am my computer, with Windows XP Home SP2 fully updated.
I’am installed Comodo Firewall (last version).
My connection to internet is with SpeedTouch 330 ADSL Modem connected to my PC in USB port.
Then, my computer connect to internet correctly, and, if I disconnect from internet, I can reconnect simply, also various times (disconnect and reconnect).

After the installation of AVS from AOL, I can connect to internet, and, if I disconnect from internet, the only way to reconnect to internet is rebooting my PC.

I not know if the problem is AVS or Comodo.

Kaspersky (AVS) suggest to use another firewall.
Can You solve incompatibility with AVS (and can be with KAV 6)?


Kaspersky should not be happy that CPF reveals all of their dangerous hooks. Anyway, you could install the latest BETA available at,1645.0.html to see if this problem persists.


The problem persist also with Your beta version

Can You solve this problem?


Can you also paste your logs for us to see what is going on assuming you use the latest BETA.


I’m also using AOL’s Active Virus Shield with CPF Beta and I’m not having any problems with it so far.

I use Comodo BETA.
Do You want I send You a *.log file?


No. Activity->Logs right click on the logs grid and select export to HTML option. Then you can copy/paste those entries here.


HI, just thought I’d throw my two pence in on this one…

I’ve used AOL Active Virus Shield before and it caused my system problems even without CPF installed. AOL’s main software Version 9 doesn’t even recognized that the Active Virus Shield is installed and if I try to connect using AOL 9 after I’ve installed it, it simply crashes my system. I don’t recommend AOL Active Virus Shield. I’m currently using AVG Free as I’m waiting for Comodo Antivirspyware to com out next month.

I think your problems may be AOL AVS related.


Attached a zip containing the Log.


  1. Also, the only way to send this log, is uninstalling AVS.
  2. Also, when AVS is installed, the disconnection are very slow.
    Now, with AVS uninstalled, the disconnection are fast, and I can reconnect.

Then I switch to another antivirus, and wait for Your Comodo Antivirus 2.0
Can I have a beta of CAVS 2.0?


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Hi Carmelov,

According to these logs, CPF does not do anything to cause this issue. After reviewing your logs, I recommend that never connect to the Internet without CPF. Lots of RPC-DCOM packets, netbios requests are being blocked from your backbone.

Good luck,