Active Process List: almost empty (V3.0.25 X32)

Hi [ at ]all, as this is my first post.
I’m happily testing CFP but seem to have got stuck with some flaws (separate posts). Forum search did not encounter any hits so maybe I’m the first and only one with these problems.

First problem:
My Active Process List is almost empty. It only shows “Windows Operating System” PID 0 and some tasks that have been run previously a short time ago. Once these are listed they will stay in the list forever even when they are already closed.

Any ideas?

regards, tom

(edit: forgot to mention version in subject)

CFP, Win XP Home 2002 SP2, Avast Home 4.8.1201 (at time of this post)


This only occurs with D+ enabled at startup.
When D+ is disabled at startup and enable it manually after startup everything keeps fine until a new startup is due.

Forgot to mention above:
Clean Mode, unchanged default ruleset for “COMODO Firewall Pro” group.
Logs do not show any blocked activity.