Active number of connection 'limit'?

Well, just out of curiosity as I see comodo keeping track anyway on ‘Active incoming and outgoing’ connections per program raised an curiosity. Would it be possible to create simply rule that ‘application A’ would be allowed to ‘Amount B’ on either ‘incoming’ or ‘outgoing’ connections?

This would be extremely useful in cases of personal webservers and work extremely well on attack concept of security on specifically choosen applications to restrict.

(kinda liked netlimiter style of restricting bandwidth of specific IP under application too. However, question is only about ‘amount of connections by application’ not about bandwidth.)

I have seen a few requests about this feature in the past. Unfortunately, the active connections feature only allows you to view or terminate connections. A feature that could limit or regulate the bandwidth of certain IPs or regulate the number of connections/bandwidth for certain programs would be very useful. You can try posting in the CIS Wishlist.