Active Connections window with integrated firewall control sets

Pushing the envelope of bells and whistles with this incredible security suite, but if looking for ideas I know one I could use. The Firewall Active Connections Window shows the summary of connections at any given time. I love this and would also love to have the firewall rule and policy implementation integrated within this window.

I’m probably not a typical home user but not a power user either- I host apache/php/mysql/hmailserver on a static IP running XP SP3 (mom-and-pop shop) and often find a single ip or hostname causing me the most trouble in hosting the above items. If one could possibly resolve hostname, have right-click options to block individual IPs or hostnames, etc.

My mail server historically has been picked on by a few ip’s or hostnames and I would successfully block on an individual basis. I’ve also have found proxy hosts being the vast majority of evil-doer sources and could be blocked on a hostname basis within the Active Connections window. I hesitated posting this with fear of, as Mark Twain coined…“Better to keep ones mouth shut and be suspect of ignorance than to open it and remove all doubt…”

I’m certain I’ve “removed all doubt” but that’s the story of my life =)

Glaringly grateful