Active Connections shows zero bytes in and out for all applications [Resolved]

I’ve just notice that my firewall Active Connections is showing zero bytes in and out for all applications, even though I am downloading video drivers at the moment.

Also, the task tray icon does not show the network activity like it used to.

I’ve only recently installed the CIS suite after using the firewall for quite some time.

Hello, Rickboy. Welcome to the Forums.
Did you do an upgrade or a clean install?
Usually a clean install will resolve this.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Pretty sure I did an upgrade from the firewall only…I’ll try the full re-install and post the results

Ok, after a bit of mucking around and having CIS have to fix itself, a full re-install seems to have worked.

Thanks very much

I will mark this thread as Resolved and lock it. If you require re-opened, please pm any Mod or Admin.