Active Connections not refreshing

I’ve recently upgraded to Comodo 3.0 and I find it really nice before I used to run Comodo 2.4 and previously Core Force Personal (Beta).

When I open the Active Connections window in “View Active Connections” Comodo displays programs that are not running and also shows connections that are not active.

When the screenshot was taken Google Talk what not running. At least for a minute.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I too have noticed that this window never seems to update, from the first time I ever open it. Is it supposed to truly show ALL activity? Or, does it just show activity for which you have added specific applications?

View your active processes in your task manager &/or do a netstat -ano to see if Google talk is still active.

When viewing “Active Connections” through CPF it actively shows when I start or stop a new connection.

Google Talk.exe was not running.