Active Connections in Comodo firewall v 6

How can i monitor active connection in new version of comodo firewall ,
i just cant find it anywhere , it seems like i am lost

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You are supposed to use the killswitch program part for that now.
Hopefully the traffic meter returns to the usefull place.

No they are not going to change the UI or something ,
I don’t don’t believe in hope , i need to find alternatives , outpost is a good firewall and they provide full AV version , so there is nothing wrong to try the new outpost

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My alternative is 5.10
I tried outpost several times, and some points of V6 of comodo remind me on the points i didnt like with outpost.
I use another antivirus with comodo. So i dont need an update function which could require it to get the new version.

Yes thats what i am planning to do Download Comodo firewall v 5.12 from file hippo , if you dont get any copy of this in future , i have saved it . install it , just make sure that you enable Defense + ,

but before installing your Antivirus make sure you don’t install firewall .
I have tested KIS 2013 with comodo firewall v5.12 [ with defense + enabled ] everything works fine :-TU

Backup of installers is the A and O :smiley:

I use (self-reduced)-avast with comodo firewall and defense+. Thats the most awesome security suite that i ever got :wink:

You cannot get 5.12 from filehippo,
Try filehorse instead or softpedia.
Most links to 5.12 are being re-directed to version 6. ;D

Yes we can , just click on old versions there .
You can even download Comodo Firewall 2.3.6 its just 7.6 MB file.

Take a look at image ,
Comodo Firewall 2.3.6 on windows 8

Image file

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Sorry i am wrong , it really redirects to new version of CIS , I need to search on my othercomputer for setup file

I tried to load version 3… it did not get redirected.
3.0.14 was actually my first comodo version in my backup :stuck_out_tongue:

If you get redirected, try the “filehippo mirror server” link, above “the newest version”, on the right. Works. Just loaded 5.12 for cases :smiley:

That filehippo mirror server did the trick. I had never noticed it.

Thanks clockwork,
That is good information (good to know), I had never tried it before. :-TU