Active connections - feature or toy ?

I use Comodo FW since W2k and CPF 2.4, now Vista64 Premium with CIS 4.

It is great product, but…
…but anytime when I want to review connections or listening processes,
I launch TCPview by Sysinternals.

I cannot help myself from feeling CIS connection overview is rather a toy for children. :slight_smile:
I hoped it would get improved in CIS 4.

E.g. some long term connections it does not display at all, like AvastUI to servers.
Neither it lists web or VNC servers or other processes, listening on interface
neither it displays listening TCPv6, UDP,UDPv6

totally agree. the connection view is just a toy. and also the process view is too.

+1. This sort of thing has already been suggested countless times and for a long time.

I have never ever used it, :slight_smile:
supposing its relation to ProcExp would be the same as of the connection one to TCPView.