Active Connections CIS 3.5.54375.427

I dumped Comodo when v3 came out & decided to check it out again on my dual-boot machine in the OS I only use to test things (Vista!)…

Have to say that there definitely have been improvements, BUT that Active Connections Window is TERRIBLE!
It needs ability to COPY to clipboard an IP. Even better would be a right-click context menu that gives options not only to Copy but to search for the IP (on Google).
This display should have check box to display only “real” active connections - i.e. - hide the ones that are just listening.
And clicking in the headers should allow for sorting.
And the parent application should show total bytes in/out, and have a more intelligent collapsed/compact option.

Actually - you should just try ONLINE ARMOR V3 (pd version) and steal some of their vastly superior displays & ideas. Like the option to resolve IP addresses…

I’m going to stick with Online Armor for now because I still can’t deal with Comodo’s GUI -
Windows that have minimum sizes and mucho wasted space; Windows that are either ‘Always on Top’ (like Active Connections) without any option to behave otherwise…