Active Connection window

Hi all, expecialy for developers.

I am newbie with Comodo but I used long time Kerio(Sunbelt) Firewall and I know Comodo is complex product but Firewall missing some good things which were really good in Kerio, This is related to Active Connections Window. Its really ugly looking … no graphical way of informing user about connection, only some not good looking info separated hierarchical… There is NO total incoming/outgoing traffic bar (which i really like to have), maybe somewhere in main window???. Next thing is, if i open My Window i prefer to see connection status of applications(Active connections) first, it would be good to have it configurable i thnik, not going for 3 click away :/.
I am pretty like all stuff are integrated in Comodo, but at first i want to be as good as possible informed about networks related stuff so i hope you give chance these ideas…

if some things are wrong, pls not kill me, i use it only for 2 days :), and sry for my bad english:(

Add it to the wish list :slight_smile:

I would also like this feature…


For traffic bars, I use NetMeter - it’s very configurable, tells me up/download rates, gives totals for day/week/month and can be on top without being in the way (translucency and click-through are controllable).

NetMeter is one of the programs that is incompatible with CFP3 under Vista. The %*#@ Comodo miniports interfere with the recognition of the other NICs so the program is unusable. But you can use DU Meter, another fine program but not free.