Activation Yuk [Resolved]

I have activated Comodo Firewall and AntiVirus no problems but despite following instructions from support, i.e. Removing IE7, Comodo Firewall, Comodo Antivirus and making IE6 the default explorer, also re-registering for new activation code, it will not ACTIVATE.
I like Comodo and will use the Firewall and Antivirus but unless anyone has an answer to activation, apart from re-installing windows XP, then i can not use AntiSpam or any of the other Comodo programs. (:AGY)
My Explorer preference is to have IE7 (For Security?) but to use Firefox and Thunderbird.

Try Defraging, try Adaware, try Spybot Search and Destroy, try RegClean and have it clean out your Reg of left over hooks and such from old programs that are no longer installed. This worked for me a couple of months ago when I had the same problem and same response. This is the third time I have tried to reply to your message for some reason it keeps bumping me out. Comodo is a good company when it comes to their Firewall, Virus, anti malware (Kevin’s BoClean), but the people who run the anti spam area really seem to be like from MickeySoft I have like two tickets out standing with no reply, so good luck and I hoped this helped.

Thankyou MiHat
I have used Spyware Doctor and CCleaner but i will try your suggestion and uninstall antispam, then use regclean and even search myself through the registry using regedit and remove all traces of antispam.
Strange though that backup and i-vault also did not activate.
I have had no problems with comodo firewall or antivirus and have allowed every antispam program in the firewall.
(:SAD) (:SAD) (:SAD)

Thank you MiHat

Uninstalled Antispam.
Ran Regclean
Ran Regedit, removed all entries to Antispam.
Re-Ran Regclean.
Re-booted computer.
Stopped (Exited) Comodo Firewall, Antivirus, Verification Engine and Spyware Doctor.
Stopped all Services for Comodo Firewall, Antivirus, Verification Engine and Spyware Doctor.
Only thing left running in the System tray was the clock.
Disabled all startup entries.
Internet Explorer default.
Re-Installed Comodo Antispam.
Same error when i tried to activate Antispam, “Unknown error, please contact support”
(:SAD) (:SAD) (:SAD) (:SAD) (:SAD) (:SAD)

Problem Solved

The problem was down to the Host file, once i had removed all reference to comodo in the host file i was able to activate Antispam, Backup and i-Vault.

This was with Firefox as the default browser?

The host file can be located at:
Windows XP

Windows NT/2000

Windows 95/98/Me

Right Click on the Host file and select EDIT.

To comment out an entry in a hosts file, simply add a # before the entry.

For example, if the hosts file had:

You can add the # so that it looks like this:


Or you can delete those entrys, then save the Host file.

Thanks to Little Mac for the answer.


I recommend (“Full Scan”):

Scan Online of the Emsi Software