Activation [Resolved]


Please could you help me to obtain an activation code for CPF. I’ve tried several different browsers, 2 email accounts (1 web based and 1 from my isp), I have no spam filters or proxy set up. I’ve also mailed the support page - nothing received.

The firewall is set up and running very well but I only have a few days left.


I can PM you one… :wink:


I have sent you an activation code via e-mail, you should receive it soon.


Excellent! Thanks guys my firewall license has been activated.

For info -

I solved activation error 2146697211 by deleting all references to Comodo from my Hosts file.
(Thanks to the forums for this info!)



Glad you were able to resolve your issue.

I will go ahead and mark this topic as resolved so that this topic may be of assistance to other users who are having the same problems as you were.