Activation Problem [Resolved]


I’m trying to get an activation code for my installation of Comodo Firewall but the form isn’t working. This is what I do:

  1. Click Update Licence in Comodo Firewall
  2. Select “Get Free Licence Now” button loads and I enter my details
  3. Click Submit button!PlaceOrder loads and page says “The page cannot be displayed” …“Cannot find server or DNS Error”


What’s going wrong? I’ve been trying for several days with no luck. Real shame cos this is a great product…

Please can someone help me out?
Many thanks.


Hi Lloyd, and welcome to the forum. I am not sure why you can’t view the web page, I did very quickly and all went through. I would wonder if you have cookies enabled, flash, java, activeX? What browser do you use? Either way, so you can get started, I will PM (personal message your code) which will be fine. But you\we still need to work this out.

The PM won’t be in until at least 90 seconds after I post this to you but give it about 2 minutes.

Fantastic stuff. Thanks for the quick response Paul.

I think the problem was - I came across the solution via Google Groups - I have running and somehow comodo urls had got blacklisted, something historical perhaps…
Anyway, once I reaslised that, I disabled it and it all works.

Thanks again,

You are very welcome, glad to hear! :slight_smile: I will mark this as resolved and lock it so this topic doesn’t get degraded.