Activation not being accepted

Well an activation code means nothing more than the program is installed and it could easily by uninstalled the next day. So to me that means that the program is phoning home all the time to let you know it is still installed, and what other information is it collecting from you? Since you are writing a security program you are quite able to bury anything you like in it and for us to be totally unaware.


no need to go down that route now, take it easy :wink:

Because we issue a license we know how many licenses we issued, thats all!
each license issued is assumed an installation. thats all!


I am not trying to antagonise you, but it is a reflection of what I feel.

You say you only need to know how many are installed. Would it be of more value if instead of using an activation code and having the program call home itself, have a trial period of 10 or more days at which time you have to email to get a licence number. That number could then be entered and there would be no need to call for activation. This would also show you the people who intended to keep the program for a longer period.

I found that when I was using the program that the updater module was continually trying to call out even with the auto updater turned off. Personally I do not like programs that auto update, I prefer to download and install the upgrade should I wish to. I think that currently the program cannot be installed over an existing installation and that would need to be changed.

Hi Dg,

This should not be a case. Which program tries to connect although you disable? Remember to disable Comodo Launchpad updater as well since currently we have 2 different updater modules.


I did not know there were two updaters and cannot now remember which it was. That was one of the aspects of your program which encouraged me to uninstall it.

Yes currently there are 2 updaters. But we are changing this. There will be only one updater for all comodo products and CLP installation will be optional.