activation mail


no send to me
activation e mail
my mail is

i cans use the easyvpn program
please help me
please send activation e mail
activate manuel
tnx men

Hi. I have the same problem. Dont receive activation mail after 2x register (not same email). Can you resend the mail? How to proceed?

I’m havinng the same problem.

Any response ?

I’m also having the same problem. I installed last night and as of this afternoon still no activation E-Mail. Is anyone in Tech Support listening??

Perhaps it can solve this problem.

still without luck

Can you display that your email registered here?

felix at
comercial at
felix.sol at

Perhaps mail server filtered out this message,
Please check your e-mail configuration rules.
Or you can use other mail services, for example, and so on.

I was checked it. and dont have filters. I use Outlook and can see spam and others emails.

create new e-mail account on hotmail or gmail. and try with this. i have some problems with yahoo mail. so my thinking is to change email adress.

It´s a solution. But no answer to my question: Why some emails dont work?

well this can be a users problem. why ? they can get many emails from comodo, so the set it as a spamm message. now, antyspamm robot, on some e-mail servers, think is this is mart as a spam message, i will NOT send it to e-mail account owner.

in another word’s, if ( true or not?) ppl often mark messages from comodo as a spam, it will not show into your’s email box. not even in a spam section.

just to make sure, log in to your’s emai account ( do it by the browser, not emal software - outlook/thunderbird ) and make sure, u have nothing from comodo