Activation License Server


I downloaded Comodo FW yesterday and and registered twice after I didn’t get the
Activation License on the first account. (Yes, I’m the patient type of person! :slight_smile: )

I would like to know if there is a time delay in the process of sending the Activation
License or if there is a problem with the Activation License process at the moment since
I didn’t receive anything since yesterday on both registrations.

Normally I would wait a couple of days, but since it’s not my computer and I was asked
to have a look and secure it, I need to return it today and would love Comodo to be
running on it without any worries.

TIA, looking forward to a reply! :slight_smile:



Hi and welcome to the forum! There may be an issue as I see these cropping up more and more but first let me state that if you use an email like Hotmail, the activation code seems to go right to the junk bin and if you have junk mail set to delete automatically, you won’t get the code. This applies to other types of email as well. I don’t know why the activation code does this, however not to all so it must be the email settings as well. I think the sending has been a bit goofy as well lately as I stated. Check the junk email settings\box and if not and you would like me to send a code to you, I will do so.



We are looking into the content of the emails to try and remove anything that ‘might’ mean they are identified as spam.

Normally you should expect to get the activation code within 30 minutes of applying for it from the web site.


And there you have it. Thanks for the info Gary, much appreciated from me as well.


Thanks for your help guys and for the warm welcome. :slight_smile:

I just checked the yahoo account and I had the email in the ‘bulk’ email folder.
I checked the hotmail one and it doesn’t have anything in the ‘junk e-mail’ folder
or the inbox.

I did however get the intial emails telling me about the activation email will
be sent later without being filtered.

Anyway, I got 1 activation code and that will do the trick.

Oh, since I will install Comodo onto my computer, would you be so kind and send me
an activation code to my hotmail addy which is the one I use here on the forum?




You should receive it shortly.


30 MINUTES … Blimey… :THNK I would not wait that long (:SAD) … got my in under a minute. (:TNG)

Stumuzz. :■■■■

You’ve got one of the better ISPs… :SMLR

Hi Garry and all, just installed 20 minutes ago and still haven’t received code. Maybe something awry?


I doubt if anything is awry, as the changes we made have reduced the number of people not receiving the emails dramtically.
The only issue we have at the moment is Verizon customers, where the Verizon mail server is not relaying the emails (I am trying to get them to fix this).

The best plan would be to submit a ticket at and ask support to send it to another email address if you have one…yahoo, msn etc.


Yep, the ticket was da trick! Got 'er done! Thanks :SMLR